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University of Pittsburgh



Post-doctoral positions available
- Electrophysiology, In Vivo Imaging, Behavior -- Tzounopoulos Lab
- Electrophysiology and Imaging -- Kandler Lab


1) The Tzounopoulos-lab has a a postdoctoral position open for investigating synaptic mecahnisms involved in auditory processing. For project details see here. Highly motivated candidates committed to pursuing academic career are encouraged to apply here.

2) The Kandler-lab has a postdoctoral position open for investigating mechanisms of synaptic refinement in developing auditory circuits using whole-cell recordings, cellular imaging, and optogenetic approaches in normal and transgenic mice. Our lab is part of a highly interactive auditory reearch group, which is embedded in the large and vibrant neuroscience community at the Unversity of Pittsburgh.

Highly motivated candidates, preferentially with experince in electrophysiological recordings or cell imaging, should email